Course Redesign Examples

I follow a systematic approach to designing the online courses I teach. In the two papers below, I describe a couple of courses that I worked to redesign and show the results of these redesigns.

Redesign of an Introductory Course in a Master’s Program in Instructional Design and Performance Technology.

Designing an Accelerated Graduate Evaluation Course Using the First Principles of Instruction (unpublished paper)

Light Board Videos

Based on feedback from students and instructors in the MS program, we found many instructional design master students struggled to understand see the relevance of Human Performance Technology (HPT) to Instructional Design. I worked with the university media team to create these videos to increase student interest and engagement. See also the HPT light board playlist here.


In our master level evaluation course, students struggled with applying evaluation skills in real-world scenarios. As part of a case-based instructional strategy, we developed a series of interactive media pieces to demonstrate how the skills apply in a real-world context. Click the images below for examples.

Analyze media piece.
Design media piece
Develop media piece

Expert Interview Videos

In a doctoral course on instructional design consulting, the design team and I interviewed four members of our advisory board to capture their expertise on consulting skills and processes. The result was a series of videos that we included as resources throughout the course. For more example videos, view one of the playlists on analyzing client needs.

YouTube Videos

Based on previous experiences teaching an introductory instructional design course, I realized that some master level students were having a hard time conducting their instructional analyses, so I created a couple of worked examples to help walk them through the basic thinking. You can watch part 2 here.

 Learning Lounge Podcast

Several coworkers and I have collaborated to create the Learning Lounge Podcast. You can learn more about the podcast and see other episodes here.